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Last Dates and Special Offers 2017 


6th May weekend 2017 – The Country Club

50% off venue rental fee and excellent low season accommodation rate for guests

Why not get married in the largest underground church in Europe. Accommodation and reception at the fab Country Club – sleeping up to 150 on site – pools, tennis courts, golf and beautiful cottages. A bar for late night drinks – making the County Club our top party venue

Just Married in France BN


Just Married in France BN

6th, 13th and 20th May at the Provence Hideaway 

3000 euros off venue rental

A little bit of rustic charm in SE France. Provence Hideaway somehow has 3 dates left free in May! A rare thing but we have secured a huge 3000 euros discount on the normal rental prices. So for those happy to consider a short lead in event this is a winner!

Just married in FranceJust married in France

13th May at the Chateau Charmant – held but not confirmed 

1000 euros discount

Chateau charmant is always one of our most popular venues. An ex 4* hotel but completely private rental. It means you have the best of both worlds. High standard accommodation and all of the same standard mixed with the flexibility of a private hire rental. The 13th May carries a 1000 euros discount

Just Married in France

20th May Country Club – now booked


3 June 2017 and 17th June 2017 at the Fairytale Chateau 

Up to 2500 euros off venue rental

Fairytale are offering 1500 euros off 4 night rentals (and the option to rent for 3 nights at 2500 discount) on their remaining dates in June. The venue is otherwise booked from May – mid Sept but October rental rate is exceptional value too

Just Married in France

Just Married in France


8th July at Chateau Charmant – now booked

15th July at the Romantic Chateau 

500 euros discount on rental

Dance under the stars !

My brothers wedding at the Romantic this year was a highlight for MMIF. We love this venue

We still have 1 or 2 dates remaining here for 2017. Discounts on case by case basis

The chapel on site seats up to 120 and is simply stunning

Just Married in France LA3


15th July Chateau Charmant – Now booked

29th July at Charmant Charmant

A key summer date still available at the fabulous charmant



12th August at the Charmant – still available

5th August Fairytale – now booked

5th August Romantic – now booked

12th August Romantic – now booked

19th August Romantic – now booked

September and October 

2nd Sept, 9th Sept, 16th Sept at Fairytale – now booked

23rd Sept and 30th Sept Fairytale – Still available

The barn is one of the highlights at Fairytale.

The perfect mix of stone walls, exposed beams and French charm


2nd Sept Majestic Chateau 

1000 euros discount on rental

A key date still available at the Majestic – the perfect venue for those who love gardens – huge rolling spaces done brilliantly by the keen horticulturists who own the property – its exteriors are a pure joy and the courtyard is the perfect outdoor dining experience

marry me in france

Marry me in FranceMarry me in France

16th, 23rd Sept at Elegant Domaine

1000 euros discount on rental

I saw it, I cried, I rang my best friend and told her to get married here!

I don’t mind admitting it and she did in May 2016. Just perfect

A personal top tip for 2017. A new venue since 2015 for MMIF and as such, very good value for money. Housing 38 in stunning accommodation and with wonderful outside spaces and a covered barn to die for, Elegant has so much to offer




30th Sept – Elegant Domaine – now booked

16th Sept Historic Chateau – now booked

23rd and 30th Sept Historic Chateau 

20% off rental

Dine like a king. Simply magic setting in a top location


16th Sept Romantic – now booked

23rd Sept and 30th Sept – Romantic Chateau – still available


23rd and 30th Sept Grand Chateau – now booked

23rd and 30th Sept – Chateau Charmant 

500 euros discount


23rd Sept Country Club – now booked


October dates free at Fairytale Chateau

Rental is a massive 4.5k euros cheaper than summer months making it a very cost effective venue for this time of year

And there are few things more perfect than a lovely Oct date at the fairytale. Blue skies (without searing heat), cyclamen carpets and crisp mornings!

New special offer for Sept and Oct dates remaining at Fairytale in 2017


7 and 14 Oct – Enchanted Chateau 

Large discounts on 7 and 14 Oct with Marry me in France – A little Provence Glamour for a good price

160917 Wedding Anna & Anthony MMIF

Mariage Marry Me in France - enchanted

7th and 14th October at Elegant Domaine

1300 euros discount on rental

Marry me in France

7th and 14th October 2017 at Chateau Charmant

Excellent low season rates from October onwards. Charmant is super venue for Autumn and Winter events

Just Married in FranceJust Married in France

14th October – Country Club

50% reduction on venue free and low season rates for guests

Unbeatable for groups who want a long private party


Late Oct Dates at the Village

Discounted venue rental

Never a better view – a whole village just for you

Amazing special place


Please enquire for details of all last dates. Beth, Nic and Kate would be delighted to discuss your enquiry